Win A Samsung Series 6 WiFi-enabled 9 kg 1400 Spin Washing Machine – White #1

Cash Alternative: £500

£1.99 Sale

Cash Alternative: £500

Winner is: Samantha Turnbull

Ticket number: 344 Answer: Samsung

Samantha Turnbull Won This Samsung Wifi Washer! Winning ticket #344 on 27/08/2023 Congratulations! - CHECK OUT OUR LATEST LIVE COMPETITIONS!


About This Competition

Packed with handy technology like ecobubbleAddWash and Auto Dose, this Samsung washing machine really makes it easy to do all your laundry.

– ecobubble technology mixes water, air and detergent to make bubbles that penetrate your clothes quickly. And you can wash at lower temperatures – that’s good news for your bills and the environment
– No sock left behind – the AddWash door lets you quickly drop in items after the cycle has started. You can add clothes you’ve missed or some extra softener
– There’s a Hygiene Steam feature that helps to reduce allergens like grass pollens and pet dander in your clothes, perfect if you suffer from allergies. It’s even got a Seal of Approval from the British Allergy Foundation
– Take the guesswork out of adding detergent. The Auto Dose technology knows just how much to use for each load
– With the SmartThings app you can keep an eye your wash wherever you are – all you need is your phone
– The easy-to-use control panel remembers your laundry habits and can even suggest your favourite cycles to make washing simple
– If you need your favourite outfit quickly, use the 15 minute quick wash program to wash up to 2 kg of clothes
– Care for your clothes with the Fabric Care drum that stops your clothes from snagging
– A twin water supply means your washing machine fills quickly. And the fast Spin Speed Rinse makes cycles means your loads will be done in no time